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We are ancient nations of travellers, explorers that know no boundaries and fear nothing. We’re a people that can think a little further; we know we will never rule the world, but we might just inspire it.

If you’re have a Nordic mindset, like traveling, exploring new territories, meeting new people and gathering new experiences. If your creativity knows no bounds and your stories echo through your friends across social media. Then you’re exactly what we are looking for.

We’re looking for digitally aware creative thinkers to help us trace the Nordic stories  that have inspired the world.

We all feel it, the further away from the North we travel, the more we become one. The rest of the world doesn’t even distinguish between the Nordic countries, simply seeing a group of countries unified by common ideas and values.

Apply today to become a Nordic trace explorer, share a short video of yourself, tell us your trace idea and maybe you could be one of the lucky people telling the story of the Nordics to the rest of the world. We are offering up to € 3500 to help you realise your trace idea.


A trace can be large or small; it can be a feeling, an idea, a building, a person or a product like the humble zipper, anything that has made its way from the Nordics out into the world, sharing our visions, values and hopes. Below you can see some examples of Traces of North.

Located at: 138.252924 36.204824
Traced from : 24.9410248 60.1733244
The Nordics - Japan
Traced by: Markus Kokko

The Nordic countries have always considered the responsibility for children as much a matter for society as it is for parents. Up to 18 months of parental leave and a lot of other initiatives to help parents and their new-born children are substantial parts of the Nordic welfare model. And now Japan is adopting a literal “all-in-a-box” concept for raising birth rates.

Located at: -16.489689, -68.119294
Traced from : 55.675246, 12.545893
The Nordics - Bolivia
Traced by: Paul Clements

When Claus Meyer opened Gustu in 2013 and appointed Kamilla Seidler as the head chef, the intention was to start a restaurant where a group of deprived children had the opportunity to get themselves an education either as a waiter or a chef.

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Located at: -1.038757 37.083375 
Traced from : 60.169856 24.938379 
The Nordics - Somalia
Traced by: Martin Gigasari

Fadumo Dayib was one of the first women ever to run for presidency in Somalia. Her upbringing as a refugee in Finland gave her opportunities that she wants to extend to women and girls back home in Somalia.

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Located at: 42.331427 -83.045754
Traced from : 58.390278 13.846121 
The Nordics - United States
Traced by: Frederik Preisler

Volvo patented the first three-point safety belt in 1958 but in the interests of safety, they made the new seat belt design available to other car manufacturers for free. The three-point lap and shoulder seat belt is considered to be one of the most important innovations in automobile safety.

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Car seat belt

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How to apply

Find a Nordic born idea that has had an effect in the world – large or small it doesn’t matter, what matters is sharing Nordic values and Nordic thinking. Use the form below to send it, and you’re in a friendly race for up to € 3500 funding to your trace idea.

Everyone is welcome to apply.

Once the jury has deliberated and the winners are chosen, it’s time to pack your bags, produce your trace and tell us along the way.

What you get

The selected ideas can be supported with funding of up to € 3500 depending on the idea presented. Furthermore, you will be credited for the trace and get the chance to collaborate with the team behind to finalize and publish your trace.

Read the full terms for applying and participating here.


01.  Shortlisting
We’re looking for those exceptional insightful stories that highlight the effect the nordics have had in the world. Submit your application before 28.05.17

02. Winners
We will choose up to 8 trace explorers to go out and produce their traces. They will be contacted by us 1.06.17 and announced here on the website, as well as on our social channels. 15.06.17


The next 5 steps could be the first of your next adventure, this application could help pave the way for you to publish a trace you feel should be shared with the world, creating new experiences for you and a unified brand story for the Nordics … so make it count and show us what you’re made of.

We want you to add a link to a short film where you talk about yourself and your trace idea, maybe you should bookmark this page for now and make that short video first.

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This is and we are currently in beta. This means that we have released the Nordic brand so we can learn a little more. The first activation of the brand is “Traces of North” and is an open call for traces from all over the world. We want to learn about the traces you stumble upon, that you find intriguing, fascinating and worth sharing.

Our goal here is to share with the world the effect that Nordic thinking has had, and can continue having in the world. From the small trace of a Nordic cafe in Singapore to the larger trace of equal rights in Somalia nurtured on Nordic thinking.

“Traces of North” will eventually be used in an active online toolbox that will allow anyone to collect ideas, download material in the formats required and making it easy to create events, promotions, conferences or a press release. Our ambition is to give, making it as easy as possible to find relevant content and activate it in your own context, starting conversations around the globe, conversations that can make a difference.
We will be releasing elements on an on-going basis, so make sure to sign up to our mailing list to get notified on new releases.

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