Terms and condition

To apply for a production grant you must be at least 18 years old on the date for entering your application. You must be willing to travel out in the world between june and september 2017 to produce your trace, should you be selected. You may enter with up to 3 ideas for trace productions, but can only receive support for one if selected.

Selection process

The selection process is based on applications through thenordics.com. You must apply using the form on the website. After applying a registration email will be sent to the email account presented in the application form. This email is your validation of entering the application process. The open application process runs from the 3rd of May to the 28th of May 2017.

We will choose up to 8 trace explorers to go out and produce their traces. They will be contacted by us 1.06.17 and announced here on the website, as well as on our social channels. 15.06.17

Selection criterias

We are looking for exceptional story tellers, with bright ideas, that can help create a social engagement around their idea. The selection process is handled by two commitees; the first consisting of the team behind thenordics.com and the second being the project Reference group from The Nordic Council of Ministers.

The selection criteria are in no way subject to prioritize any race, gender, age (must be 18+), religion or political views, but will be focussed on, but not limited to or by, quality of idea, quality of application, producer, possible social reach.


You can apply to receive a production grant up to 3.500 euro. In your application you must write in how much you will be applying for. After production you must be able to present receipts on the expences of the production.

Content production

As applicant you agree that you will engage in production of content up to, during and after production of trace idea. This being, but not limited to, interviews, social posting, images, videos, articles and blogs.


The material produced in connection with both application process, trace production and publishing of trace can be used by The Nordics /The Nordic Council of Minsiters for branding purpose of The Nordics in any form. The Nordics will receive rights to all new material produced in connection with the described processes.

Any trace ideas submitted through the application forms may be used by The Nordics/The Nordic Council of ministers even if it has not been selected for a production grant.